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Monkeybird in Grenoble, France

June 18, 2017
1 min read
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French duo Monkeybird just wrapped up an impressive piece of work in southern France for the Grenoble Street Art Festival which took place last week.

Based out of Bordeaux, the two artists using symbolic anthropomorphism in their artworks ( wild animals in urban areas ). They started in 2010 and use stencil, collages, spray painting, drawing, carving, silkscreen and engraving. Most of their inspiration comes from the sacred or lyrical works like illuminations, stained glass, and architectural ornamentation.

The composition of this 22-meters high wall is based on a circular symbol and talks about astronomy and science. At the bottom, they depicted the human industry while at the top several astronomy tools are appearing.

Take a look at more images below and then make sure to drop your two cents down in our comments section.

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