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Mural 2017: Work in progress by Ricardo Cavolo in Montreal

June 9, 2017
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Spanish artist Ricardo Cavolo is a part of this year’s brilliant lineup for the fifth edition of MURAL International Public Art Festival and here is his work in progress update… In the pictures you are able to see the mural starting to go up and the contour of it as well as the first colour being yellow which went onto the sun contour and extended onto the birds.

Ricardo is a graduate in Fin Arts from Salamanca University, he’s an artist with a unique imaginarium and a colourful iconography of tattooed souls, legends and fantastic nature unique to Spain. His work is much more than esoteric, the artworks engages with all kinds of people, as all of the well-told stories do. Ricardos work ranges from paper to murals to the sides of moving trains… Facades which Ricardos brush has touched attract thousands of eyes in the cities worldwide, you can find his large-scale work all over the Europe and North America.

Take a look below for more images by Gaspard Nahmias, Davi Tohinnou and Julien Gagnon while  you wait to discover the final work in the next few days.

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