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Take a look inside the BnA Art Hotel Koenji in Tokyo

June 23, 2017
2 min read
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The BnA Art Hotel is situated in the Koenji district of Tokyo, and within the cultural and creative area. the project caters for young spirits and reflects the contemporary lifestyle of the city.
The team behind BnA, Yu ‘Taz’ Tazawa, Yuto Maeda, Kiego Fukugaki, and Kenji Daikoku, all live and work in Koenji, a creative district which is home of many artists and musicians.

The BnA Art Hotel has been transformed into a playground of murals & art. Gazetting a truly distinctive and unique identity, the space can cater to both business and leisure trips.

BnA Hotel Koenji consists of two art rooms designed by local artists Yohei Takahashi and Ryuichi “Ogi” Ogino. The Hotel is also the first of its kind in Japan as each artists receive a share of the profits from each room booking.
The first room by Yohei Takahashi is called “Into The Foreign” and features a forest like atmosphere and a pack of wolves running on the wind. The second room by Ryuichi “Ogi” Ogino is entitled “Ten” and in this one the outside world seems to slip away, here your thoughts travel along zigzag lines and spiral ceilings, drifting in and out of lucid dreams.

By supporting the local artistic community, the BnA team is hoping to further develop their project and bring further art afficionados and tourists to the area. Several achievements were already made thanks to the rooms such as artists being sent to San Francisco or Sydney for exhibitions!

In addition, the BnA team also work on the Koenji Mural City Project and hosts an Artist in Residence program which provides free accommodation to international artists giving them time and creative space to transform the gallery into their own personal installation.

Take a tour of the establishment below with several images and videos and be sure to check it out if you find yourself in Tokyo.

Take a look inside the BnA Art Hotel Koenji in Tokyo

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