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“We Live Here” by RoamCouch in Gifu, Japan

February 25, 2020
1 min read
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Japanese street artist Ryo Ogawa, better known as RoamCouch, spent 2 full days working on a brand new piece entitled “We Live Here” on the streets of Gifu, Japan.

This gorgeous stenciled art was created as part of his project “Emotional Bridge Project”, the purpose of which is to revitalize his lovely hometown using street art. Regarding “We Live Here” the artist describes the following :

“The concept of this mural is a small wish from the sheltered world where the mermaid lives. Gifu is a place with many streams and rivers. The locals share a strong connection with the water. That’s why I painted this as a water-themed piece. I want people to feel something from “We Live Here”

If you are in the area, you can see this exquisite mermaid at 205-4, Kooritori, Anpachi-cho, Anpachi-gun, Gifu, Japan.

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