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“Presence” by Gola Hundun in Japan

April 6, 2020
2 min read
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Italian land artist Gola Hundun recently shared this new step of ABITARE, his side project and personal research on the border between human functional space and other species use of space.

Presence, and the whole project Abitare revolves around the concept of to inhabit, the habitat. It’s like looking how different species interact with the space, how humans transform the land for their purposes, to make life easier for their necessity, and other animals just use the shape of nature and choose the space in according with their necessity.

As Gola Hundun said, “I am really fascinated by plant recolonisation of human structures, for me this recolonisation generate a totally strong hybrid images. To me it’s like a vision of a future world where human being doesn’t t exist anymore , a post human world where plant and insect are in triumph again like during the Carboniferous Age.”

Take a look below to see more photos of “Presence”.

Going back to this series, I think I want to title it PRESENCE  because this time I founded in the space, some died trees recolonised by ivy and vitalba that generate really evocative imaginary shapes; LIKE READY MADE SCULPTURES, like giants and strange horses/giraffe. I decided to keep dialogue with the space making effimeral “sculptures” like abstract beings that inhabit the space, and traces, using  a golden fabric. Gold and green is the combination color for this project: ABITARE. I used gold, because for me it is the color of the sun, the colour of soul, of the divine.

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