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“Against Overlapping” by Elian in Cologne, Germany

September 12, 2017
1 min read

This wall by Elian is located in Müllheim. Cologne, Germany and was created for the CityLeaks Festival.

The main idea of the piece was to not force the neighbor into a specific moment of interpretation, but to ignore the idea of masterpiece and get confused with other possibilities. The main tool was to not generate a complex composition, without author features; searching for the harmony instead of protagonism, trying to balance it with the monumental scale.

Elian thinks that when you work in a neighborhood that already has very strong culture, you must observe and work carefully to give a point of view in the environment, instead of imposing a way of making things. A big mural may seem like a spaceship that came to force a daily life situation that in some point it end to use up.

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