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New Mural by Onur and James Bullough in Berlin, Germany

August 26, 2022
2 min read
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Street artists Onur and James Bullough have collaborated on a new mural in Berlin, Germany. The piece features the artists distinct styles of photorealism and graphic abstractions.
Curated by Art agency Millecent, the project is located at Drontheimer St 32, Wedding, Berlin.

Onur is a photorealistic painter and muralist, based in Solothurn, Switzerland. Intense colours and an organically shaped curve characterises the large-format screen of this artist.
His motifs are urban cityscapes, suspenseful scenes or room-sized portraits exuding a penetrating power. To achieve this, he does not use traditional brush techniques and still uses the acryl roller from his early days, relying on techniques from theatre painting. The directness of the photorealism, which lets some light-sensitive colours only come to life in the right light, illustrates his drive for depictions. Yet, Onur never views the events from the perspective of reality but instead, he releases that which is seen from its original context to create a new context.
James Bullough

American artist James Bullough lives and works in Berlin. His style mixes realistic portraiture with graphic abstractions as large murals and as studio paintings.

James Bullough grew up in Washington, DC, in the USA and was inspired early by gritty urban graffiti he discovered in the US capital. Bullough taught himself in realistic oil painting techniques by studying the Old Masters of The Netherlands. In combining their technical precision with the momentum of graffiti, his work is about staging compelling contrasts and juxtapositions.

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