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“Engeika” by Fin DAC in Berlin, Germany

September 24, 2019
1 min read
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It’s been a summer of firsts for Fin DAC. Following on from his virgin foray to Mexico, Fin DAC went back to one of his favourite haunts, Berlin, to paint (surprisingly) his first ever large mural there.

And, as he has been doing more and more over the years, this one was much more about the integration of the art to the building and vice-versa.
Engeika is the end result: an imposing blend of architectural elements, surroundings and art.
Found in a secluded courtyard on Kopenicker Strasse, the full length geisha in sumptuous orange robe is still hard to miss although, at first glance, you may struggle to tell whats real and what’s not.
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