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Invader invades Cap-Ferret in France

January 14, 2018
2 min read
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Legendary street artist Invader recently took a trip to Cap-Ferret in France to unleash a brand new wave of invasions.

The artist “invades” cities worldwide, adroitly placing his tiled pieces in certain locations and awarding himself “points” based on the intricacy of the mural and the difficulty in placing it. “This,” he said in 2011, “is the most addictive game I have ever played.” He works without permission the vast majority of the time. The deeply personal, large-scale aspect of this ongoing artistic exercise can be likened to the psychogeographical experiments of fellow French artist Guy Debord.

Invader’s use of low culture in a high art conceptual project also has parallels with the Situationist movement in general. The invasions don’t simply descend upon major cosmopolises, but also far-flung exotic locales such as Mombasa and Katmandu. In a metaphorical sense, his forces have razed his home city of Paris to the ground. The mosaics adorn each letter of the Hollywood sign and one has even materialised on the suit jacket lapel of former French Premier Jacques Chirac.

With the invasion of Cap-Ferret, The elusive french artist have just passed 75 invaded cities and 3600 Space Invaders installed across the World. Quite an impressive track-record!

Take a look at more images and check back with us soon for more udpates from Master Space Invader.

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