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“Everything Gonna Be Ok” by Ludo in Paris, France

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March 27, 2018
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One of the most recognizable street and contemporary artist nowadays goes by the name of Ludo.

His hybrid creatures mixing nature and technology draw attention to the influence that man-made machines have on our environment. Using as many as three primary colors – black, white and his trademark fluorescent green – Ludo tackles a wonderful variety of topics and paints over surfaces like paper, canvas, building walls, billboards and even old shipwrecks in the middle of the sea. He is also involved with the mediums of sculpture and installation, and his works have traveled around the world.

Ludo just sent us a series of images from his latest work that just appeared somewhere on the streets of his hometown, Paris in France.

Entitled “Everything Gonna Be Ok”, the artwork goes straight to the point and shows the silhouette of a man carrying an exploding earth.

Take a look at more images below and then make sure to drop your two cents down in our comments section.

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