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Smug for The Big Picture Fest in Frankston, Australia

April 3, 2018
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Smug recently made his way to Australia where he was invited by the good people from the Big Picture Fest to paint a large new piece on the streets of Frankston.

Known for his photo realism graffiti work, Smug, or Smug One, aka Sam Bates, is an Australian contemporary street artist of great skill. Using nothing but spray cans, he was able to gain mastery over a difficult task of making highly technical pieces that are somehow edgy, cheeky, and incredibly playful. In order to recreate absolute realism, artists usually have a lot of time on their hands, tiny and precise brushes, and a quiet work space where no one will disturb them.

After a few days of work, the end result is as usual with Smug simply stunning with this massive skeleton and his tiny bird friend.

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