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“Awakening” by Case Ma’Claim in Port Kempla, Australia

March 5, 2019
1 min read
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Case and the great people from @verbsyndicate have been trying to work on a project for quite some time, glad we finally made it happen!

This year’s Wonderwalls has been a blast and Case would like to hanks to everyone involved for the Wonder Walls Festival.

Port Kembla, this small suburb has one of the biggest industrial complexes in Australia. The coal and steal industry had shaped this town
100 years ago to what it was and to what it has become now. While wandering the city you can still guess how vibrant it must have been.
Let’s be clear about this, there is no future in coal as there is no such thing as clean coal, but there is so much potential in cities that already
have the infrastructure, the neighborhoods and the hard working families.

The artist met some great locals who already are working on a better future for their community. Go check it out yourself and make sure to stop at Ash’s Arthouse cafe and treat yourselves with some damn good Halloumi Sandwiches.

Good luck Port Kembla, you got this!

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