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“Perpetual Illusion” by ASTRO in Epinal, France

July 21, 2018
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“Perpetual Illusion” by ASTRO in Epinal, France

Epinal is a town in Eastern France and the largest of the Vosges region. Art has an important place in this small town, especially in the public space.

The town is already filled with several murals from local artists. This time around, the local council wanted an artist with an international reputation. They reached out to Mathilde and Gautier Jourdain, the founders of the Mathgoth gallery in Paris.

The French artist ASTRO and his fantastic optical illusions was chosen. In order to complete his piece entitled “Optical Illusion”, the French artist needed a week to wrap up his mural on the wall of a car park.

Take a look below for more images and work in progress shots.

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