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“The Cabinet of curiosities” by Liqen in Munich, Germany

July 27, 2018
1 min read
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Spanish artist Liqen just wrapped up an impressive new piece in Germany on the streets of Munich.

This cabinet of curiosities is a compendium of motifs, rarities and objects that have appeared in Liqen’s mind during practically all his life, his own concerns, as a reminder of those times of observation and drawing with special taste for the animal morphology and its understanding as a human that mutates and transcends, where the relation and equality between the macro and the micro is still observed; “Dwarf man among the magnitude of a modified nature.”.

As usual, Liqen delivers a beautiful piece of work, technically impeccable its another great artwork that will surely be enjoyed by the local residents for years to come.

The Cabinet of curiosities was created in Munich, Germany. It’s a collaboration with Positive propaganda and the Department of Arts and Culture.

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