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“Growing Wiser” by Telmo Miel in Aalborg, Denmark

August 12, 2021
2 min read
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Dutch artistic duo Telmo Miel just finished their latest mural at the 7th edition of the “Out in the Open” festival. The mural entitled “Growing Wiser” is located at the school of Klostermarken in Aalborg, Denmark.

“The painting depicts a girl, reading multiple books with as many hands as she needs to hold them. Some books have been read, and stacked on top; There wisdom is gathered, symbolized by the owl. Around the corner is another one behind the books she’s reading, as hidden new skills to obtain.”

Telmo Miel is composed of Telmo Pieper and Miel Krutzmann. They are famous for making impressive murals and paintings characterized by hyper-realistic as well as abstract elements.

Their work is characterized by its uniqueness, formed by the two different styles of the artists. The work of Miel is rather romantic with picturesque features whereas the work of Telmo is humorous and provocative. Their work also shows a mix of techniques, combining spray paint and paint to create photorealistic, surreal and abstract compositions. Both artists work separately and come together with the sketches to analyse what combinations can be made. The result shows a great sense of technique and style with great attention to perspective and details.

Telmo Miel, together with other artists making murals right now at “Out in the Open 2021”, will be opening a group show in collaboration with KIRK Gallery on Saturday.

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