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“Good Luck, Kid” by Joe Iurato in Aalborg, Denmark

September 2, 2021
4 min read
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American muralist Joe Iurato is another artist to join KIRK Gallery’s “Out in the Open 2021” Festival roster. His mural is entitled “Good Luck, Kid” which features his stencils and aerosol illustrative aesthetic.

“Because I work with stencils, creating a mural at this scale is well planned out ahead of time and calculated precisely. A lot of the work for it happens in my studio prior to arriving at the wall. After I’ve conceptualized and illustrated the artwork, I need to scale my composition up to actual size and create the templates. The stencils for the mural are cut from sheets of paper that form the individual sections of each layer. Then, when I’m on location, I reassemble them on the wall in tiles, like a puzzle or grid, and spray. This step is done repeatedly, typically 5 or 6 times per mural to give the piece depth and details.

When I saw photos of the wall early on, the very first thing that grabbed me was the obvious metal vent that runs the height of it. I love to create site specific works and saw the feature as an opportunity to have my painting interact with its environment. So, rather than try to work around and compete with the pipe, I became very excited with the prospect of working with it. And that became the starting point for the story I wanted to tell” Joe Iurato stated.

“A common recurring theme in my work are the wondrous, curious and mischievous adventures of childhood. Things get so serious and difficult as we get older, sometimes I need to step back and away from my present self and revisit a simpler time. Right now, it’s easy for me to achieve because I watch my own children and their friends as they are growing up. They are often the subjects and inspirations for the works. In this case, the kid climbing the building is my youngest son, Maddox. Overstuffed backpack full of essentials and a monocular fashioned of cardboard, he’s off to somewhere. Where? I’ve no idea” the artist said.

Joe Iurato is a multidisciplinary artist whose works are built on a foundation of stencils and aerosol. Falling somewhere in between simplistic and photorealistic, his multi-layer stencils offer a distinctly clean and illustrative aesthetic. While Joe’s murals have adorned neighborhoods along the east coast United States for years, he’s also become noted for the unique placement and photography of miniature painted wood cutouts in public spaces.

Utilizing the outdoor environment to create site-specific installations, he creates windows into a narrative formed by personal experiences. Each individual work of art highlights the potential for interaction and storytelling within public space and transforms common landscapes into carefully crafted scenes. Before leaving each installation behind, he documents it with a photograph. The photographs offer specific and intentional viewpoints of the artwork in relation to its surroundings, manipulating our perception of scale and dimensionality.

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