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Coverage: Artmossphere Biennale “Offline” – Moscow, Russia

September 18, 2018
3 min read
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The exhibition of street wave artists presented works by 40 Russian and foreign authors created during the art-residence in Moscow.

The main project of the biennale ARTMOSSPHERE is currently on display from August 31 to October 14 at the Grand Wine Warehouse of Winzavod Center for Contemporary Art. All the works of the main project were created by participants directly in Moscow, in the format of an art residence.

ARTMOSSPHERE is the first and only Russian biennale, which acquaints the wide audience with the most outstanding representatives of street art from all over the world. The Biennale will once again take place in the format of a group exhibition of street wave artists who entered the field of contemporary art from the graffiti scene and other art practices of working with the urban space.

Among the participants of the main project there are new names as well as well-known players on the international scene: the permanent guest of the biennale Martha Cooper — a legendary photojournalist, who recorded the genesis of graffiti culture in the New York subway, representatives of the Scandinavian graffiti scene Finsta (Sweden) and EGS (Finland), American artist FAITH XLVII, Englishman James Jessop, and Polish graffiti artist Zbiok. Among the Russian participants are already known on the art scene Alexey Luka, Anatoly Akue, Ivan Nainty, Vladimir Abich and others, as well as the art group “ZLYE” from Yekaterinburg and Eldar Ganeev from the Krasnodar art group ZIP.

The theme of the main project and the biennale ARTMOSSPHERE-2018 sounds like OFFLINE. It is dictated by the fatigue of the growing information flow in the world where physical reality acquires the status of an eventual periphery — communication, cognition, sex, war and even art today are mostly “online”. Organizers of biennale suggested artists to formulate a worthy response to the challenges of the digital world, relying on the DNA of free and independent street culture. The theme of the Biennale, initially not typical for street art, put artists in the situation of searching for unusual approaches and techniques for them, giving the exposition the nature of research and experiment. In accordance with the type of artistic reaction to the theme of the biennale, the exposition is divided into several sections-categories: ONLINE, POST-INTERNET and OFFLINE.

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