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“Connections” by ZEBU in Yekaterinburg, Russia

July 12, 2021
2 min read
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Artist duo ZEBU, with Lynn Lehmann and Dennis Gärtner, recently created their work about warm and friendly human relationships. The mural is made in the style of modern illustration and is entitled “Connections”. The mural was done in collaboration with annual Russian street art festival STENOGRAFFIA.

The ZEBU team depicted human figures in an abstract way so that they resonate with every passer-by. The message of the artwork targets different social groups.

“Our mural symbolizes the importance of connections between people. Such connections create communication and experience exchange, which are the basis of solidarity, tolerance, and empathy. In our opinion, these are things that are important for society”, the artists commented on their idea.

Lynn Lehmann and Dennis Gärtner have been active in art and design since 2015, when their creative duo was formed. ZEBU’s artistic language, bright and expressive, is signature to their prints and large-scale pieces. Guys love to shrink things to their essence, play with composition and proportions. ZEBU artist duo presented their works at international exhibitions in St. Petersburg, New York, Seoul, London and Berlin.

STENOGRAFFIA is one of the largest street art festivals in Russia. In the summer of 2021, the festival will be held for the 12th time. STENOGRAFFIA has an international status: in July Yekaterinburg will be visited by artists from Argentina, Italy, Finland, Germany, and Greece. In their works, the authors explore artistic experiments inspired by history and culture, and look for new approaches to urban space transformation. The objectives of the festival are to brighten it with vibrant art objects, to help residents embrace their town, to create synergy between artists and citizens, and to bring street art to a level up.

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