“KAOS TRIP: A Color Journey by Okuda San Miguel” in Guangzhou, China

July 23, 2020
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It has taken nine months and an infinite amount of effort within a Chinese-Spanish multidisciplinary team working in the midst of a global pandemic crisis. But finally, ‘Kaos trip’ made its debut last July 10 in K11 Art Mall in Guangzhou, China. This show  offers a tour of the different supports, formats and techniques that he uses in his work, but also covers some ideas and concepts that drive him when creating his art.

Okuda has brought together some twenty pieces of large format and spectacular installations, in addition to presenting in public some of his latest visual research in the form of kaleidoscopes and dark rooms. The show creates a gorgeous and fantastic surreal visual experience, presenting an organic fusion of colors and geometric figures and provoking both a visual impact to the audience, but also reveal a sense of mystery in the viewer.

In the words of Okuda, “I have enjoyed creating this exhibition not only because it is my first in China but also because I wanted to share with the public an authentic immersive experience with two unique pieces that I introduce here for the first time. This exhibition is a retrospective of all my work that covers from the early years to my latest pieces that include painting, sculpture and embroidery, among other things”.

Spanish contemporary artist Okuda San Miguel is famous for splashing vibrant hues across architectures in different corners of the world. He is known for his distinctive style of colorful geometric patterns that portray animals, skulls, religious iconography and human figures.

Scroll down below to see more photos of Kaos Trip.

“KAOS TRIP: A Color Journey by Okuda San Miguel” in Guangzhou, China

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