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“The Unsung Hero” by Case Ma’claim in Milwaukee

November 9, 2019
1 min read
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Our friend Case Ma’Claim recently stopped by Milwaukee in the US to create a new piece for the Wallpapered City Street Art Project. As usual with the German artist, he brought to life another incredible ultra-realistic artwork.

Throughout history, there have been many examples of female working class heroes. The positive impact of their actions, words and ever-changing ingenuity hasn’t always received the respect and love it deserves. The historic Dye House (formerly P.H. Dye building) on Buffalo Street in the Historic Third Ward of Milwaukee was built in the 1920s. Workers used to dye hosiery in this 9-story house.

To pay tribute to Milwaukee’s female working class heroes from the past, and to celebrate the present ones, Case came up with this sketch of an anonymous representative. When presenting it to the organization, he asked them to help him find a female Milwaukeean, a member of the community of the third ward district, who embodies courage, curiosity and creativity.

Case had the great privilege to meet the all so amazing Karen Bell. Karen, a Milwaukee native with over 15 years culinary experience around the world is the chef and owner of Bavette, a restaurant in the Historic Third Ward.

Pictures by b4_Flight

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