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“Dedale” by Pantonio in Vannes, France

May 21, 2019
1 min read
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Portuguese Artist Pantonio recently travelled to the city of Vannes, a walled town in the Brittany region of northwest France.

DéDalE (a maze in French) is a city project settled in a former public services building abandoned since the end of 2016. Located in the very heart of the city, in the county of Morbihan, in Brittany and next to the marina, this building by the sea used to be until recently the government road services headquarters.

This building is to be pulled down around 2020 and a new city area should be created on the spot. DéDalE also tells the story of labour as it used to be imagined in the XXth century : partitioned, controlled and organized into a hierarchy. Our project stems from this idea of labour to question and tell another kind of labour, that of the artist and that of creation.

After a few days of work, Pantonio brought to life another monumental kinetic piece which is full of energy. Entwining neon-like creatures reminiscing of fishes are seen on this long and large facade.

Take a look at all the images below while we wait to hear for more updates from Pantonio around the world.

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