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Interactive Neon Mural #7 by Spidertag in Chiang Mai, Thailand

January 16, 2020
2 min read
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After dropping a stunning piece in Finland, Madrid based street artist Spidertag flew to Thailand and completed a distinctive neon light creation entitled “Interactive Neon Mural #7”. He showcased this innovative public art which enables the public to interact with it. Specifically, participants can change the colours of the lights by using their mobile phones as a remote control.

In addition, Spidertag opened his solo exhibition titled “Reflexions of the Neon Dream” at the Dream Graff Shop gallery in Chiang Mai, Thailand and unveiled a collection of artworks combining unique materials such as flexible neon tubes, spray cans, and bricks. Regarding his journey to Thailand, the land of smiles, Spidertag says the following:

“I spent around 10 super-intense days working on the exhibition—mostly produced locally—and on the mural. The challenge was to create a conceptual show, based on 3 main things: bricks (the base for the walls), spray paint (to paint the bricks), and the colour green, as almost the entire exhibition and the wall feature this neon color. Why? Because the whole year I’ve been making murals using a lot of colors, so I wanted to end with an almost monochromatic proposal and green was the color I thought best connected with Chiang Mai, Thailand.”

If you are in Thailand, you can find “Interactive Neon Mural #7” at 98 ซอย 1 Haiya Sub-district, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50100, Thailand. Images by @spidertag and @minimao.np.

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