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Interactive Neon Mural #10 by Spidertag in Lyon, France

October 25, 2020
1 min read
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After creating a playful piece in Sweden, Madrid based street artist Spidertag flew to France to participate in the second edition of the Peinture Fraiche Festival in Lyon. The Peinture Fraiche Festival is an international street art event and took place this year inside a big old factory-warehouse with more than 50 artists.

Spidertag spent 6 whole days working on a brand new neon light mural for the festival, focusing on this year’s theme of “Innovation”, taking back the streets after a forced hiatus for artists due to COVID-19. Entitled “Interactive Neon Mural #10”, this nocturnal art piece measuring 22 m x 8 m (72.1” x 26.2“) has a breathtaking and unexpected vibe which radiates vivid colourful light after dark.

This distinctive neon creation enables viewers to interact with it. Specifically, viewers can change the colours of the lights by using an App on their smartphones. This piece also features a mysterious colour-changing circle which Spidertag hasn’t used in one of his pieces since the first “Interactive Neon Mural #1.”

If you are in France, you can find “Interactive Neon Mural #10” at 45 avenue Debourg, 69007 Lyon, France, till the 1st of November. Images by @spidertag

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