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New Neon Interactive Mural by Spidertag in Montreal Canada

June 17, 2019
1 min read
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After a playful piece in Hawaii, Madrid based street artist Spidertag flew to Canada to participate in Montreal’s MURAL Festival, an eleven day event celebrating the international urban art movement.

The master of artistic light spent 5 full days working on a brand new mural with neon cables on the streets of Montreal. Entitled “Interactive Neon Mural #4”, this nocturnal art piece measuring 27 meters (88 feet) high by 14 meters (45 feet) wide unveils a stunning figure every night from 9:30 pm to 11:00 pm.

“This time, the idea was to have equilibrium, balance and straight lines for a colorful mural. It was a big challenge also in terms of production, it’s the biggest I ever did. ”

Take a look at all images by @spidertag below and if you are in the area, you can find “Neon Interactive Mural #4” on 24 Mont Royal St. Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

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