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Steve “ESPO” Powers is Auctioning Off a Covid-19 Mural for Charity

May 3, 2020
2 min read
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I have been hustling to sell the painted plywood on the corner of Broadway and Spring for a couple days now. These wooden windows were painted in 25 hours in the quarantine period of April 22-28th. Sizes are 10×12’ and 11×14’ (more and less).  Do you have room in your apartment, gallery, garage, private viewing room, or museum loading dock for an 11×14’ painting? Maybe you just want to board up your house in style? These are pretty good windows into a pretty terrible time circa 20Covid20. When the store reopens the boards are my problem, so I’m going to sell them off and make a donation to a local organization responding to the pandemic.

These babies (slaps wall) hold a lot of meaning. email us [email protected], pick a window (or 9) and submit a bid over $1. I’ll respond to everybody and I’ll give you the opportunity to raise your bid in the event of tie. In the event of no bids, I’m redecorating @esposartworld to look like a goth nightclub. THANK YOU.

UPDATE: But now @doordash has agreed to match every dollar I donate to God’s Love We Deliver with an equal donation to Feeding America up to $25,000. It’s like my plastic folding table on the corner added a second folding table!  Boards come down the day @aritzia reopens the 524 Broadway store. Please look at the highlights on my profile for the current bids on each window. Bid via DM or email to [email protected]. BIDDING ENDS TUESDAY (05/05/20 8pm EST.) Thank you!

All Photo’s Copyright 2020 Matthew A. Eller.  Follow me on Instagram @ellerlawfirm

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