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“Fragile” by Asbestos in Dublin

June 9, 2020
1 min read
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Over the last couple of years street artist Asbestos have been painting a series of portraits that explore the concept of identity and personas. Recently, he just finished this mural in Dublin. It represents how fragile we all are at the moment. The artwork shows how fragile our health, communities, lives and head spaces are.

“We all wear masks every second of the day. We cover who we truly are to ourselves and those around us. We deny how fragile we are. I wear these masks to hide the irrelevant parts of my identity, and this mural let’s my eyes speak, if not shout out how fragile I am. It’s empowering to admit that I’m fragile. Together Fragile. Together Unbreakable.” the artist said.

Asbestos is a street artist hailing from Dublin, Ireland. He specializes in mixed media artwork, combining mediums like photography and painting onto found objects. Asbestos have been contributing to the urban landscape for over 15 years.

Take a look below for more pictures of the mural.

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