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Smug in Waterford, Ireland

September 4, 2016
1 min read
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Scottish artist Smug graced the streets of Waterford in Ireland with not just one but two massive artworks.

In town for the Waterford Walls Street Art Festival, Smug once again went all in with two hyper-realistic portraits of a man and a woman. The level of details is just incredible on these new pieces as you can notice by looking at the man’s beard.

Smug is a graffiti artist from another planet. When it comes to SMUG words tend to lose their meaning. A crazy guy from Scotland with some dope styles and a unique attitude fill out the puzzle of one of the most known and respected writers of the World. SMUG is the real thing.

Smug creates some incredibly beautiful work of women, famous character portraits, and bizarre/humorous scenes. Smug is really bringing what you can do with a spray can to a whole other level. The photo realism that he is able to produce on various walls with cans is unbelievable.

14055121_1078130865605262_1045858529819167880_n 14125740_1076666735751675_7350881606064165324_o Smug-in-Waterford-Photo-by-Emagine- 14055129_1078130875605261_54694507040553859_n

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