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Ardú Street Art Project 2021 in Cork, Ireland

September 29, 2021
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Ardú Street Art project arrived in Cork October 2020 injecting a burst of colour, vibrancy, and life into the city in lockdown. Seven of Ireland’s most respected and renowned street artists were invited to create key city-centre locations, in response to a theme inspired by the 1920 Burning of Cork. Find work by Deirdre Breen at Wandesford Quay, Maser at The Kino, James Earley at Henry Street, Peter Martin at Kyle Street, Shane O’Driscoll at Harley Street, Aches at Anglesea Street, and Garreth Joyce at Liberty Street.

The Ardú team are delighted to announce their return to Cork city’s streets from today September 27th, until October 11th, with four more large scale murals to brighten up the city centre landscape. Commissioning artwork from home grown talent of the highest level is the main aim of Ardú. The 2021 edition will welcome artists — Friz (Belfast), Shane O’Malley (Galway), Conor Harrington (London), and Asbestos (Dublin).

Ardú organisers Shane O’Driscoll, Paul Gleeson and Peter Martin are excited to present the second edition of Ardú to the public, in a safe space where you can observe the murals come to life outdoors.

 “At a time when we face shared and personal challenges, each of our artist’s murals are a rallying cry to the city – a call to remember that we have been through terrible times before and we rose up. We can do it again.

Having made such a positive impact on the city last year, we are excited to be back with another line-up of inspiring artists to transform Cork city’s streets.”

Friz is the first artist to kick off this year’s series, she is currently painting at St Finbarr’s Road, Cork. Further details on the Ardú Street Art project, including each mural location, will be announced soon. Keep up to date with the process by following Ardú on social media: Twitter @ArduStreetArt / https://twitter.com/ArduStreetArt | Instagram: @ArduStreetArt | www.arducork.ie

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