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“Inner Shadow” by David de la Mano in Montevideo, Uruguay

June 11, 2020
1 min read
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Spanish contemporary artist David de la Mano just finished “Inner Shadow”, a mural painted in the Buceo quarter in collaboration with Ciudad en Construcción, Buceo Project by the architects Muma Sebasti and Silvia Perossio.

The objective of the project is to revitalize public spaces located between the homes of the Diving Unit and it is developed through the collaborative participation of the community, managing the architectural project through art, self-construction and activities in the territory.

David de la Mano is best known for his stunning murals often depicting silhouettes, trees and other monochromatic imagery. His large-scale, black and white pieces provoke reactions among the viewers and encourage their emotions and ideas through a minimalist aesthetic.

Check out below for more images of the work!

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