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“COSMOS” by David de la Mano in Uruguay

September 30, 2021
3 min read
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Spanish contemporary artist David de la Mano recenlty worked on a new mural project entitled “COSMOS”. This project was carried out on the three floors of the entrance hall of the Catholic University of Uruguay.

University has the same etymological origin as universe and universal that express, among other things, the sense of unity.

Universitas was used to designate any association or community directed towards a common goal. Loan (15th century) from the Latin universitas, universitatis “universality, totality”, “company of people, community”, derived from universum (V. universe). In Latin it had the sense of “collectivity”, “guild”.

According to S. Giedion” symbolization was born from the need to give perceptible form to the imperceptible. Primitive man searched the stars for symbols on which to project his wishes and fears and feel in the darkness of night under his protective influence. Recent studies suggest more than reasonable connections between our representation of the celestial vault and historical iconography, as well as the idea that “the sky has been a black support on which man has painted his conception of the Universe (…)”.

Throughout this long period of time, it is highlighted, “there was an important change in the human mentality and from a magical and religious conception of the firmament, a scientific concept was passed that was reflected in the celestial planispheres, which went from being populated with gods and mythological beings, to be full of figures and schematic lines until reaching the graphic language of computers ”. Paleolithic men were probably the first to trace the shapes of the constellations, inaugurating what would later be called Astronomy, which before being science was religion and magic. (Extracts from the thesis Evolution of the drawing of the constellations by Luz Antequera Congregated).

“COSMOS”  immersive project was conceived by the rector of the Universidad Católica Julio Fernández Techera. Artist Andrés Cocco also collaborated with David de la Mano to worked on this project.

David de la Mano is known for his large dystopian murals featuring human and animal silhouettes, a minimalist style and his monochromatic use of black. David de la Mano creates distinctive artworks which are symbolic reflections on humankind and reminiscent of dark fairytales. The single anthropomorphic figures of the artist gather together and unite in an eternal and recurring movement; the individuals become the mass and vice versa, and they are driven by their dreams, ambitions, fears, vices, hopes, and internal conflicts.

Scroll down below to view more photos of COSMOS.

Photo credits: Sol Paperán, Nicolás Pezzino, and David de la Mano

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