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Luke Cornish – Dissimulation

August 17, 2023
2 min read
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Sydney-based artist Luke Cornish, aka ELK, showcases his latest body of work, ‘Dissimulation’, at Melbourne’s Oshi Gallery. A collection of over 150 hand-sprayed stencils incorporating international currency into the paper, this is an examination of freedom, power, and a world forever changed by the fallout from Covid.
As a passionate traveller, Cornish collected banknotes from various countries, intending to incorporate them into his art. Little did he know that a seismic shift was on the horizon, as the world was engulfed by an unprecedented pandemic. The collective grief and loss experienced across borders compelled Cornish to embark on this artistic journey, giving new meaning to the banknotes he once held as worthless.
The exhibition challenges the audience to contemplate the essence of freedom, as the vulnerability of birds, with their boundless skies and ever-present perils, becomes a powerful metaphor for human existence. Each artwork features the national bird of its respective country, exploring the notions of freedom, borders, and control.
Against the backdrop of digitisation, decentralised finance, and artificial intelligence, Cornish poses critical questions about the potential transformation of freedom and the societal implications of the death of fiat currency.
Through a compelling juxtaposition of personal experiences and societal observations, “Dissimulation” urges visitors to explore their own understanding of these intricate concepts. Cornish firmly believes that introspection and dialogue are powerful tools to challenge existing narratives, fostering a path towards a more inclusive and equitable future.
Supporting the Father Bob Foundation: In celebration of the exhibition’s opening night on 17 August, E.L.K will be donating 20% of the ticket sales proceeds to the Father Bob Maguire Foundation. This esteemed charity organisation holds a special significance for Luke Cornish, as he famously painted Father Bob for the Australian Archibald Prize in 2012.
Exhibition open 17 August – 1 September at Oshi Gallery, 386 Smith Street, Collingwood VIC 3066
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