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Coverage: Martin Whatson “FREE” Solo Show at RexRomae, Dubai

December 10, 2020
1 min read
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On 3 December 2020, Martin Whatson launched his first solo exhibition in the Middle East with RexRomae Gallery in Dubai the hub of business in the Middle East and Africa. The pop-up exhibition FREE curated by Rom Levy took place in Dubai International Financial Center, a top ten global financial center and a home to a variety of world-renowned retail, dining venues, hotels as well as a dynamic art and culture scene.

The exhibition included all new work by the Norwegian stencil artist, with a total of 43 paintings such as A Clean Slate (2020); Rock Climber (2020) and Make Love (2019) additionally, 4 sculptures were also on show, all of which were sold out during the exhibition. Alongside that a Paint Love (2020) screen print of 150 edition was launched for sale at the opening of the exhibition.

Whatson, who became widely known through his idiosyncratic calligraphic scribbles, filled with cultural references and subversive themes, returned with a new series of eye-grabbing imagery. Works that are socially involved in nature, delivering his commentary in a style that deliberately evokes a continuous dialogue on the decontextualization of urban sphere.

Scroll down below and take a look at more images of the exhibition and its opening night.


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