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How To Authenticate Your Martin Whatson ? Contact MW Archive

September 14, 2022
2 min read
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Martin Whatson Archive is now up and running! MW Archive is the handling service on behalf of Martin Whatson, it offers artwork authentication services for anyone interested in obtaining a Martin Whatson artwork and for those who have already purchased an MW artwork through the secondary market. The platform determines whether Martin Whatson was responsible for creating a particular piece of artwork through their database.

Certificate Of Authentication (COA) are issued by MW Archive once the pieces are proved to be original. The process helps prevent confusion, fraud and misattribution. MW Archive only authenticates originals, sculptures or objects that is made as actual artworks.

The website helps verify your transaction, prevents others from claiming ownership, and filters out fakes. It also facilitates any upcoming sales you would like to make.

To start the process of authenticating your Martin Whatson piece,  you have to fill in an online form on the MW Archive website.  Fill in the forms with as much clear detail as you can — artwork’s edition number, dimensions, purchase date and price as well as its history, provenance and information on any previous owners. MW Archive also assists in the change of ownership so you can register yourself as the new owner.

Looking to authenticate your MW artwork? You can check all their services and fill in your authentication requests here.

About the Artist

Norweigan street artists Martin Whatson makes public murals, paintings on canvas, prints, and sculptures that unite detailed grayscale compositions with colorful scribbles—his muted pictures of dancers, animals, and iconic art historical figures feature patches of explosive, abstract graffiti.

The juxtapositions create a significant sense of layering and opposing worlds within each work. Whatson began making art when he participated in Oslo’s graffiti scene in the 1990s. He drew inspiration from the city’s continuously changing landscape as he developed his own energetic aesthetic. Whatson has exhibited in Oslo, New York, Paris, London, Tokyo, Berlin, and beyond.

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