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Discovering Banksy – Part 4

December 17, 2020
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Banksy is a street artist whose identity remains unknown. Despite remaining anonymous, we can say that Banksy is the world’s most famous and celebrated graffiti artist. He was named one of Time magazine’s 100 most influential people in the world last 2010, alongside Barack Obama and Steve Jobs.

Banksy’s artwork has been seen across the world. His travels have included Australia, England, the United States, Israel, Jamaica,  Canada, and more.

Stencil work in Mexico, 2001

Banksy’s artwork is characterized by striking images, often combined with slogans. His work often involves political themes, such as war, capitalism, and consumerism. The common subjects of his works are policemen, members of the royal family, and children.

As part of the 4th installation of “Discovering Banksy, here are lesser known early works of Banksy from around the globe.

Stencil work in Mexico, 2001

Mural at Rivington St., London, 2000

Banksy’s work in Chiapas, Mexico, 1999

Before his rise to fame, the guerrilla artist was said to be a goalkeeper for Bristol-based football club, Easton Cowboys and Cowgirls.

In 2001 he joined them on a tour of Mexico where he played against Zapatista freedom fighters and painted them a mural depicting their struggle for independence.

Banksy pictured painting a mural in Chiapas, Mexico, 1999

Graffiti in Liverpool, England

Los Angeles Version of Maid, 2006

Marilyn Monroe by Banksy in Los Angeles, USA

Sun-bathing skeleton in San Francisco, California

Banksy’s skeleton van in San Francisco, California, 2001

Graffiti work in Naples, Italy, 2005

The graffiti shows Banksy’s interpretation of Bernini’s Santa Teresa. It was frescoed on a wall opposite the Cloister of Santa Chiara. The saint in ecstasy is depicted with a McDonald’s meal and a Coca Cola on her lap. This juxtaposition of holiness and the mundane is thought to be a comment by Banksy on consumerism.

“Old Skool” in Clerkenwell Road, London, 2007

“Every Picture Tells A Lie ” in Berlin, Germany, 2003

It was painted for the Backjumps (Issue #1) exhibition in 2003. Since then, it was slumbering for more than 8 years under 20 layers of colors in the Art-House “Bethanien“ which is located in Berlin Kreuzberg. “Every Picture Tells A Lie“ was said to got an incredible amount of visitors, who just came to see the works of Banksy while the visitors disregarded and ignored all other artworks, exhibitions which have been running in the same building.

“Thug Lovin'” in Vienna, Italy, 2003

This mural is located in the 4th district of Vienna and sprayed with the image of a girl and the words ‘Thug Lovin’. The door is also spray stenciled with ‘BANKSY’. It is dated around 2003-2004 when Banksy visited Vienna several times.

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