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Discovering Banksy – Part 8

May 26, 2021
1 min read
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British street artist Banksy has a career that has been marked by experimentation, risk, and a daring playfulness. His stencil-heavy motifs—of rats, cops, and kids with balloons—have simply become part of a shared cultural vocabulary, reproduced (and ripped off) with abandon.

Banksy’s signature style emerged around the 1990s and became recognized around areas of Bristol. It was by the early 2000s that Banksy relocated to London. This is where he began to gain notoriety; but, at the same time, his international work took off.

“Royal Guard Peeing on Wall” London, 2002

Initially, he preferred drawing and producing freehand, but in 2000 he began using stencils, in part due to how quickly they may be produced. Scroll down below and view our selection of Banksy’s early stencil-works in around London.

“Girl hugging TV” in Covent Garden, London, 2005

Old Street, London, 2005

East End, London, 2005

Banksy’s CCTV’s in London, 2003

Banksy’s Pooh Bear in London, 2003

“Snorting Copper” by Banksy on Curtain Road, in Shoreditch, London, 2005

Curtain Road, Londoin, 2004

“Che Guevear” by Banksy in London, 2003

Board X Urban Games, London, 2000

Dalston, London back in 2003

“Flower Thrower” in London, 2000

Again, much like his other works, this simple image of “Flower Thrower” conveys a lot, in terms of his political commentary. By substituting flowers for a weapon, it’s as if Banksy is sending a message that there can be peace and hope, even in places where there is a lot of destruction.

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