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Discovering Banksy – Part 7

May 4, 2021
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Arguably the most controversial street artist in the world, the works of Banksy have become a subculture in their own right. Banksy’s works are well-known for being political and thought-provoking at the same time. The anti-establishment slant together with his creativity made him reach this level of popularity.

Banksy is without doubt among the most gifted minds and has expressed his thoughts through his graffiti. Take a look below and enjoy these quotes and sayings by Banksy.

“Do not punish yourself”, 2005

Artwork from Los Angeles Series, 2003

Japan, 2002

Graffiti work in Los Angeles, USA

Mural done on Melrose Ave in Hollywood, California. It depicts the famous sidekick Robin with the quote “NO MORE HEROES”.

Bristol, England, Late 90’s

This is a very obscure early Banksy stencils from the late 90s in Bristol. The text is paraphrasing a quote from the film director David Puttnam “Nowhere in the world will you find a statue of a critic, or the biography of a committee”.

Early London, UK work, 2001

Quote from Los Angeles show, 2006

“Fame is a basic human right” Los Angeles, USA, 2006

“You looked better on myspace” another work from Los Angeles, USA, 2006

Early piece of Banksy from Glasgow, Scotland,

“Lying to the police is never wrong”

Banksys “The Bear and the Bee” in Kensington Park Road, London

This piece is found on the side of a trash container in Notting Hill, London.  It is a parody of a La Fontaine fable.

“If you win the rat-race, you’re still a rat”

London, United Kingdom, 2004

A love poem by Banksy form Los Angeles show, 2006

Last image is Banksy’ s take on romance injected with his kind of humour.

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