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Ozmo in Saint-Ouen, France

December 1, 2020
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Italian artist Ozmo just worked on a new mural in Saint-Ouen, in the Soubise district for the 2nd Edition of GemellArte, an international festival of contemporary art. The festival focused on Urban Art and the theme of the Rebirth and titled Renaissance, a word that assumes an important meaning in this historical moment, strongly characterised by the health emergency and isolation due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Ozmo chose the inspiration from ‘Il Cortegiano’: Raffaello Sanzio’s portrait of Baldassare Castiglione, a leading intellectual of the Italian Renaissance, at the court of Elisabetta Gonzaga in Urbino for two reasons: The urban regeneration and renaissance of the local area, and the cultural exchange done from Italy and France after Francis I king of France himself loved the book, and had it translated and distributed to each of his courtiers.

Fresque GemellArte Ozmo terminée. Vieux Saint-Ouen – 201120

Ozmo in his artwork is experimenting adding layers of different elements that interact with each other: his background as graffiti writer, the interest in historical masterpieces, a pinch of comic book and pop art and finishing with digital image processing, the pixelation of the face. This visual precess open new semantic and conceptual meanings to the original (Raffaello’s) work and make it fresh and contemporary, blowing minds to different levels of interpretation.

Gionata Gesi aka Ozmo is an Italian artist born in Pontedera, Pisa, in 1975. He started off by drawing comics in the early 90s but has soon changed his field of interest to writing and painting. Soon afterward, his tag became one of the most famous and respected ones in the Italian graffiti scene. After Ozmo finished the Fine Arts Academy of Florence in 2001, he moved to Milano.

The underground scene of graffiti artist grew on him, so together with his friends decided to lay foundations of Italian Street Art. Since then, Ozmo has carried out exhibitions and interventions of monumental public art in the most important capitals of contemporary and urban art such as New York, Miami, Chicago, San Francisco, London, Shanghai, Paris, Baltimore, Berlin, San Paolo, Havana, Beirut, Milan, Rome.

Check out below for more images of the mural.

Dans le cadre de GemellArte – l’artiste italien Ozmo réalise une fresque au Vieux Saint-Ouen – Mur Soubise – 181120

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