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“Rise Above” by Shepard Fairey in Dubai, UAE

March 18, 2021
1 min read
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Contemporary American artist Shepard Fairey recently worked on a new mural in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. On the occasion of his solo exhibition Future Mosaic, 2021 at Opera Gallery, the American artist brought to life beautiful pieces of works. The two large murals facing each other are located between buildings 10 and 11 in the Dubai Design District.

The two artworks, Rise Above Peace Fingers and Rise Above Dove, derive their motifs from the exhibition, conveying universal messages of peace, justice, tolerance and co-existence. As usual with Obey Giant, he brought to life some of his signature imagery that will be enjoyed by the local residents for years to come.

The mural produced by SAN Projects was completed in a record four days using Spray and Acrylic paint. Check out below for more photos of the project.

Images by Alina Khamatova

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