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“ECCE HOMO” by Igor Scalisi Palminteri in Palermo, Italy

January 18, 2022
2 min read
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Italian artist Igor Scalisi Palminteri just worked on a new mural in Palermo, Italy. The thought provoking mural “ECCE HOMO” serves a complaint and reminder for the prevalent issues of social and scholastic injustice in the area.

Many girls and boys in our neighborhoods do not have adequate services. School, libraries, sports facilities, and parks does not exist. Entire generations are left on the street. In this city the little ones have never been a priority.

In the mural, the little “king” has his feet tied because this city does not take him by the hand to accompany him towards the future.

Igor Scalisi Palminteri has always been fascinated by religiosity. He is an erudite painter who strongly tempts to bring the sacred in the art. Palminteri somehow belongs to the endless list of artists who focus on the sacred, on a Holy Scripture quoting art, and on the iconographic tradition, studying and brooding the icon and its relationships with the contemporary.

Within this encompassing field, Palminteri has traced his own line: portraits, people. His pictorial research is mainly concerned with the study of human, facial expression and proxemics, seeking the sacred in figurative features.

Igor Scalisi Palminteri graduated in Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts of Palermo and after that held many exhibitions with his artworks, both in Italy and abroad. he often plans labs and workshops, especially with kids. He is also socially committed and works with art therapy.

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