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Nuart Aberdeen Festival 2024

June 19, 2024
5 min read
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From June 6th to June 9th, Aberdeen once again played host to the electrifying Nuart Aberdeen festival, transforming the city into a vibrant canvas of contemporary street art. Now in its eighth edition, this internationally acclaimed festival brought together 11 distinguished artists under the theme of ‘Living Heritage,’ igniting creativity and cultural dialogue throughout the Granite City.

Nuart Aberdeen, founded on the principles of artistic innovation and community engagement, has become a beacon for street art enthusiasts worldwide since its inception in 2017. This year, the festival continued its tradition of blending local heritage with global perspectives, showcasing a diverse array of artworks that ranged from awe-inspiring murals to thought-provoking installations.

The 2024 edition of Nuart Aberdeen featured a stellar lineup of artists renowned for pushing the boundaries of urban art. Lineup includes Know Hope, Bahia Shehab, Case Maclaim, Cbloxx, Hera, KMG, Mahn Kloix, Millo, Molly Hankinson, Niels ‘Shoe’ Meulman, and Wasted Rita. Each artist brought a unique vision to the city, exploring themes of identity, sustainability, and the preservation of cultural heritage. From large-scale murals that dominate city walls to intricate, hidden gems tucked away in unexpected corners, the artworks not only beautified Aberdeen’s urban landscape but also sparked conversations about the intersection of art and heritage.

Beyond its aesthetic impact, Nuart Aberdeen has consistently delivered significant economic and cultural benefits to the region. By attracting tens of thousands of visitors each year, the festival has bolstered local businesses and reaffirmed Aberdeen’s status as a cultural hub in Scotland. Moreover, the festival’s commitment to sustainability and community involvement ensures that its legacy extends far beyond the lifespan of the artworks themselves.

Nuart Aberdeen 2024 was made possible through the collaborative efforts of Aberdeen Inspired, Aberdeen City Council, and Reed Projects, with support from various local businesses and community organizations. This partnership underscores the festival’s commitment to fostering creative expression and cultural exchange in Aberdeen.

As Nuart Aberdeen 2024 draws to a close, the city remains transformed, enriched by the legacy of this year’s festival. The artworks, now integrated into the fabric of Aberdeen, will continue to inspire and provoke thought, serving as a testament to the enduring power of public art in fostering cultural understanding and community cohesion.

Nuart Aberdeen 2024 has once again demonstrated why it stands at the forefront of global street art festivals, combining artistic excellence with a profound respect for heritage and community. As Aberdeen looks toward the future, the echoes of this year’s festival will undoubtedly resonate, inviting both locals and visitors alike to discover the magic of urban art in the heart of Scotland’s Granite City.

A parting note from Nuart Festival Director and curator, Martyn Reed:

“The ephemeral nature of much of the culture we work with and produce at Nuart can be regarded as intangible cultural heritage. This incorporates the parts of our shared past that live in the present -everyday rituals and practices, cultural expressions, celebrations, festivals, stories, songs and craft that help to define who we are. These don’t have to be as old as time, this is heritage that lives in the present. This was the theme that we set out to explore this year, and as we sit here to unpack and decompress, we share WhatsApp messages and photos, trawl through thousands of drop box images and share those stories that become “sticky” with meaning. It’s this “stickiness” of certain stories during Nuart that keeps the work on the wall far more than the paste and paint. So I’d urge everyone, in this media saturated world of pretty murals, to spend a little extra time thinking about what and who is behind these final hero shots and how they contribute to making the city a slightly better place to be in these trying times.

We’d like to thank all of our crew, artists, partners, press and extended Nuart Family the world over. 

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