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A Mural “1922-2022” by Aec Interesni Kazki in Florence,Italy.

September 30, 2022
1 min read
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Aleksei Bordusov aka Aec Interesni Kazki is a Ukrainian street artist whose surrealistic works grace walls across the globe. His bright, intriguing murals – inspired by science, religion, mythology, cosmology, myths and times past – are filled with color, and often accompanied by black and white drawings of his own. Aec’s highly detailed pieces appear like they come from a fairy tale populated by colorful imaginary creatures that often seem to be in motion.

Mural ” ‘1922-2022 ” is dedicated to Margherita Hack – an Italian astrophysicist and scientific disseminator.

Idea of the work was to step aside from representation of her personality in a portret way, but to assemble images of her life and science interests and topics of scientific research of her, in a way Aec see it through his artistic vision.

Take a look at more images below and check back with us soon for more updates.

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