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“The Revolution” by AEC in Ibiza, Spain

August 22, 2016
1 min read
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The revolution_best+1

Former Interesni Kazki member AEC was invited by the Bloop Street Art Festival to create a new piece in Ibiza.

Painting in the coastal town of Sant Antoni de Portmany, the Ukrainian muralist created a brilliant hyper-detailed artwork entitled “The Revolution”. The main story of this piece is the removal of a head and applying a new one to the large pile of stones. The stone head represents the government while the pile of stones is showing the people and its country. The monkey is burning a book entitled “Origin of Species” which was written by Charles Darwin.

Take a closer look below with more detailed images and then make sure to drop your two cents down in our comments section.

view3 mans stones and monkey+1 monkey3 girl girl2 all3+ drum2

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