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The Work of “Marcel Proust” by Levalet in Trouville, France

October 17, 2022
1 min read
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French artist Charles Leval, aka Levalet was born in 1988 in the rural French town of Epinal. He grew up in Guadeloupe, where he first got in touch with the concept of art, displayed in the open. After coming back to Europe, he pursued visual art studies in Strasbourg and gets briefly interested in video art, before starting with the style that characterises his work until today. He stages human bodies, meticulously drawn with Chinese ink in the public space. These characters interact with the architecture they are put upon, often resulting in almost absurd situations.

The work of  Levalet was made in Trouville as part of the Marcel Proust music days.

Marcel Proust was a French, novelist, critic and essayist who wrote the monumental novel “In search of Lost Time” (À la recherche du temps perdu; with the previous English title translation of Remembrance of Things Past), originally published in French in seven volumes between 1913 and 1927.

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