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Sortilèges by Levalet in Paris, France

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christie.bailey christie.bailey
She is the co-owner of Hypocrite Design and a contributor for Dumbwall and Street Art News. In recent years she interviewed more than 50 World renowned Street Artists, and wrote hundreds of art reviews focusing on painting and street art. She is currently employed in the Fashion Industry and lives in Milan, Italy.
March 23, 2020
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Parisian artist Levalet is back on our pages with a brand new episode from his ongoing series “Odyssee”, a street narrative project he started in November 2019 on the streets of Paris, France. The Episode 9, titled “Sortilèges” (Witchcraft) is a poetic scenery showing a girl who, after caring for a soldier, plants his rifle and his helmet in the ground to give birth to a tree, above the writing “life is beautiful”. The whole composition, made of nine life size original drawings, is over twenty meters long and appeared last week in “Rue des Solitaires” in the 19th district of Paris.

Take a look below to discover more high-res images on this piece, and keep checking back with us to discover more exclusive updates from Europe.

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