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Levalet in Mallorca, Spain

August 23, 2016
1 min read
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Looks like Mr Levalet spent a part of his summer in Spain where he created several new pieces in the city of Mallorca.

As usual with the French artist, he unleashed a series of life-sized hand-painted pasters which are cleverly interacting with their urban surrounding. Hailing from Paris, Levalet has been creating his paper people works for the past two years mostly in his hometown.

Take a look below at all the pieces and let us know which one is your favorite down in our comments section.
ob_a11cc5_emergencia-2 ob_749426_emergencia-3 ob_14a1d3_emergencia-1 ob_05ad3b_la-casa-de-los-suenos-1 ob_126bd6_la-casa-de-los-suenos-2 ob_196644_la-casa-de-los-suenos-4 ob_6094a4_la-casa-de-los-suenos-7 ob_2559f8_la-casa-de-los-suenos-6 ob_2876c5_la-casa-de-los-suenos-8

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