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“ALL OF US!” by Saype in Geneve, Switzerland

September 25, 2023
1 min read
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Handicap International has invited Saype to take part in an unusual artistic operation. The artist created a giant fresco on the Place des Nations using biodegradable paint, in dialogue with Broken Chair’s fight against explosive weapons, entitled “ALL OF US!”

A giant eco responsible landart painting by Saype in Place des Nations in Geneva (CH). This artwork was created using natural pigments made out of charcoal and chalk. This artwork represents a hand, symbol of humanity, presenting a new chair leg to the Broken Chair, figure of the numerous civils victims of war bombings.

In each of his works, Saype captures the fragility of our societies and the challenges we are all called upon to meet, with the monumental frescoes he creates on grass, earth, sand and snow around the world: New York, Paris, Venice, Geneva, Cape Town, Turin, Dubai, Nairobi, Istanbul, Ouagadougou, Miami, (…)

The aim of these frescoes, which are destined to fade away, is to impact mentalities in a way that respects nature. They are painted with an eco-responsible paint composed essentially of chalk and charcoal.

Check out below from more photos of Saype’s recent piece.

Photo credits: Saype

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