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“Radium” by SHOK-1 in Le Locle, Switzerland

October 6, 2021
1 min read
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Street artist SHOK-1 unveils his new work “Radium” in Le Locle, the birthplace of Swiss watchmaking.

This piece is about the tragic story of the Radium Girls, who suffered horribly with radiation poisoning from painting watch faces back in the 20s. SHOK-1 thinks we can still learn from it today as a narrative about the misuse of science by commerce, and of profit over people.

The mural is rendered in the colour of radium watch lume, as if it were the dial glowing in the dark.

SHOK-1 is the pioneer of aerosol X-ray art and his unique X-ray art works can be seen on murals around the world. Blending street and science, SHOK-1 spray paints x-ray like visuals of mostly human, animal or plant-like origins. Darkly beautiful and packed with subtle layers of delicate detail, he has perfected his no tape and no stencil x-ray artworks, which are one among the most difficult subject matters a painter could attempt. As a self-taught artist who holds a degree in Applied Chemistry he aims to champions rationalism in an era where anti-intellectualism is on the rise and scientists as well as experts are denounced in favour of sub literate opinions.

Check out below for more photos of “Radium”.

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