“Overplanha” by Add Fuel in Viseu, Portugal

Add Fuel recently took part in Tons de Primavera festival in Viseu in the north of Portugal by creating another signature mural based on local azulejo tiles. Working in a region that is known for it’s wine producing, the artist created a piece that serves as sort of a monument to the local tradition. The piece consist

“Comvida” by AddFuel in Lisbon

Portugese artist Add Fuel recently wrapped up another signature piece created for MURO Festival in Lisbon, Portugal. Titled “Comvida”, this work is an important step for the artist as it mixes his Azulejos inspired stencil and freehand painting for the first time. Hoping to set the new path for his work, “Comvida” is inspired by

Add Fuel “Upwards Descent” in Perth, Australia

Diogo Machado aka Add Fuel recently took part in this year’s edition of Perth’s Public2016 festival. First time in Australia, working with great lienup of international artists, Lisbon-based artist created a large mural filled with his signature Portuguese tiling visuals. Incorporating the architectural elements into his work, Add Fuel layered couple of different patterns of

Add Fuel in Gainesville, Florida

Diogo Machado aka Add Fuel from Portugal recently spent some time in US, working on a new pieces throughout downtown Gainesville. Invited by the curator of 352walls, Iryna Kanishcheva, he created his biggest series of works on electric boxes and a bigger wall mural. Portuguese artist gained popularity for his recognizable interventions on electric boxes or “urban

Add Fuel creates a new piece on the streets of Lisbon

Portuguese artist Add Fuel recently took part in the Trampolins Gerador project organized by Mistaker Maker @ Largo de São Paulo in Lisbon. The idea of the project was to revitalize the area through music, performance, food, photography, intervention, urban art, workshops, talks, etc.Along with few other artist, Add Fuel created this effective piece on an existing electricity