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“Overplanha” by Add Fuel in Viseu, Portugal

May 30, 2017
1 min read
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Add Fuel recently took part in Tons de Primavera festival in Viseu in the north of Portugal by creating another signature mural based on local azulejo tiles. Working in a region that is known for it’s wine producing, the artist created a piece that serves as sort of a monument to the local tradition.
The piece consist of two separate layers of quadrilateral designs that are interacting with each other. Playing with tears and rips, Add Fuel constructed the finished image by deconstructing its elements, adding effective illusion of depth along the way. Minimizing the presence of figurative elements to simple act of holding a grape, he nicely blended two different styles he has been developing lately.
Check out couple of detail photos after the jump and come back soon for more exciting news from every corner of the globe.

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