Blu in Quarticciolo, Rome

After over a year of intermittent work, Blu has just wrapped up a large new piece in the streets of Rome, Italy. As usual with the Italian artist, he created from his imagination another stunning piece of work. Full of details and reference, this is one of our favorite recent piece from Blu. If you

Blu in La Punta, Valencia

Blu recently stopped by the city of Valencia in Spain where he was invited to paint a new street art piece in the district of La Punta. La Punta is a pedestrian garden located in the south of the city of Valencia, where, for more than 15 years, the project “Logistics Activities Zone”; (ZAL) of

“La Cuccagna” by Blu in Campobasso, Italy

The one and only BLU just unveiled a brand new and great street painting on the streets of Campobasso for the latest edition of the always excellent Draw The Line Festival. “La Cuccagna”, this title of the work shows Blu creating one of his personal criticism of our society and our modern life system. BLU proposes a strong

“Nulla” Limited Edition Zine by BLU

Italian maestro BLU just released a limited edition zine through the good lads from ZOOO Print & Press. “NULLA” is showing 50 drawing by BLU, 10 years ago the first NULLA zine was published by ZOOO. This new edition is a 250 copies limited edition with a new ‘remixed’ cover. It features 48 black and white pages plus dust

“A House For Everyone” by Blu in Bergamo, Italy

The one and only Italian maestro aka Blu just returned to the streets of Bergamo in Italy where he unveiled a brilliant and unique piece of work. There are humans, animals, reptiles, dinosaurs, red crabs and even fruits – apples and bananas – in the mural that Blu gave to the residents of the Celadina district in Bergamo.

Blu in Porto Torres, Italy

Italian Maestro Blu recently spent some time in Sardinia where he was invited by the C.S.O.A. Pangea Posthudorra collective. Painting on the streets of Porto Torres shows a large head breaking away as a puzzle and morphing into human forms. The pieces are falling back into place which gives a glimpse of hope with a potential unity

Blu in Ljubljana, Slovenia

The Maestro better known as Blu is now in Eastern Europe where he just finished a brand new piece somewhere on the streets of Ljubljana in Slovenia. The Rog Factory (Tovarna Rog) is a squat in Ljubljana, Slovenia which has been occupied since 2006. Before the occupation it was an abandoned and decaying former bicycle factory

Blu “No TAV” in Susa, Italy

Guess who is back ? After the Bologna controversy, Blu just finished two new pieces against the High-Speed train being built in the Susa Valley in Italy. Blu painted a scene reminiscent of the famous horror film The Human centipede, centered on a medical crowd who want to combine three people surgically in order to create